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Idea log

All of us have challenges that we are trying to overcome. In order to overcome these challenges, and find solutions that we are satisfied with, it is advantageous to create an idea log. An idea log does not have to focus on one particular problem, it can be a place for you to record any of the ideas and/or solutions that you are thinking about. When you are thinking about how to resolve an issue, start by writing down the challenge.

The problem or challenge is: __________________________________________________

Then proceed to write down how you can resolve the challenge. Write down as many outcomes that you can think of.

The challenge can be solved by: __________________________________________________

It can also be solved by: __________________________________________________

An alternative solution is: __________________________________________________

Then divide the challenge into subproblems or subtasks:

The subproblems or subtasks are:

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

Next, write out solutions to the subproblems or tasks:

Solutions to the subproblems or subtasks are: __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

Brainstorm about any other alternatives to the challenge or problem:

Alternative solutions:

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

Challenge yourself to think about as many possible solutions as possible. One way to challenge yourself to think creatively is to set a goal for a number of ideas that you can come up with in a day or week. The more ideas that you think of, the more will come to you. Creating a number of ideas that you need to meet will help you to actively think about ideas. Write down all of the ideas – even if they seem ridiculous or unrealistic.

In order to generate additional ideas relating to solving your challenge, challenge each of your assumptions related to solving the challenge. Write the complete opposite statement that you wrote above. Write down additional ways to solve the issue that you would not use for solving the problem. Although you may not agree with or use a different viewpoint to solve the challenge, the process of writing it down may help to view the challenge in a different manner. This in turn, will help you to create alternative solutions. How can each reverse solution be accomplished? List as many viewpoints and alternative ideas that you can think of.



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