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What needs to be done in the future?

When you are considering a new career or business, it sometimes can be overwhelming to think about all of the options that are available. One method of deciding how you should direct your efforts, time, and passion, is to visualize the world as you would like it to be. Imagine having a world where brilliant and talented people are working towards a perfect world, and then break the visualization of your perfect world into parts.

What would you like to see accomplished in your lifetime?

Make a list of items that you would like to see accomplished in your lifetime. My list that I have compiled throughout the years is as follows:

1) Strong, close knit communities that reciprocate help when needed

2) Households where every person loves and supports one another

3) Elimination of child abuse

4) Equality of the sexes

5) Elimination of spousal abuse

6) Courses for parents so that parents provide a loving and supportive relationship and environment for their children

7) Courses for middle school age students to help improve their self esteem

8) Flexible work schedules to accommodate family and children time 9) Better work life-balance for people throughout their lives

10) Community gatherings

11) Neighborhood gatherings

12) Increased self-esteem for every person; this will enable people to love themselves, give of themselves more, be happy, and spread their love and happiness to others.

13) Use the expertise of older people

14) Use the views and opinions of younger people

15) Respect for police officers

16) Respect for teachers

17) Eliminate racism and other types of discrimination

18) Employers should allow mandatory volunteer days for parents to help in their children’s schools

19) Eliminate hunger

20) Provide access to medical care for everyone

21) Provide strict laws for childcare, including proper food, learning, activities and attention for each child.

22) Provide strict laws for nursing home care, including proper food, activities, learning and attention for each person.

23) Equal educational opportunities for all

24) Break up mega-corporations; smaller business create the most job and ideas for improving society

25) Increase people’s spiritual connection

26) Replace materialism with love and peace

27) End conflict between religions and due to religions

28) People realizing that their problems and unhappiness stem from internal issues rather than external problems.

29) Promote life-long learning and mentoring as a pleasurable and enjoyable activity and an essential part of life

30) Have all nations work together in peace and harmony for the betterment of their people

31) Use renewable energy for powering motorized vehicles, residences and commercial buildings.

32) Implement recycling of all reusable materials.

33) People will eat mostly or entirely vegetarian; this will make people healthier, reduce at least half of all diseases, and reduce the number of animals raised for consumption.

34) Accept people from all races, cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs willingly. Promote the understanding of differing viewpoints.

35) Eliminate chemical and radiological pollution of land, water and air.

36) Have low-cost, efficient public transportation based upon renewable energy in every city.

37) Eliminate poor working conditions worldwide; proper wages for the type of work and living in the area, reasonable number of work hours, and proper treatment of employees by their employers.

After reviewing my list, please take a few minutes to create your own list. Then from that list, choose five items that you are interested in. This will help you to decide where to direct your passion, drive, and time in your daily life.

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