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Discover Yourself and Your Purpose

Have you ever wondered what your purpose in life is?

Identifying your purpose and discovering yourself are the first steps in achieving your goals. It’s very important to set a direction in life based on your purpose so that you can be clear of your objectives and act accordingly. To discover yourself, you need to answer some basic questions related to your life and personality. These questions will help you find out where you stand and what you need to do in order to improve your current situation. They will also allow you to face the challenges of life and be brave, patient, and courageous in difficult circumstances.

Some of the questions that you need answer to include:

What are your dreams and aspirations?

What are the restrictions or obstacles that keep you from realizing your dreams?

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

How can you make the best use of your skills?

How do you compare yourself to your rivals?

Do you think it is possible to achieve your goals without the use of money?

Who is your role model?Is there someone who may help you achieve your life’s goals?

What are the skills that make you unique?

What are the traits or characteristics that make you special?

These are powerful questions that help you reveal your inner self and discover your eventual purpose. There is no hurry to find answers to these vital questions related to your life’s purpose. Make use of resources like a pen and a paper, a laptop, or a cell phone to jot down your thoughts, ideas, intentions, and dreams. Cross out things that you think are unimportant or irrelevant to your life’s goals. This way you can highlight what is most essential and then plan out a roadmap to achieve those things.

Remember that your life’s purpose may not be the same as your intentions. The purpose should be identified in a single statement; sometimes known as the mission statement. You may change it at a later time keeping in view your experiences in life. But intentions are proclamations that tell how you wish to live your life and what are the factors that influence your decisions. These are specific statements that reveal what exactly your wishes and dreams are and that all meet at a common destination.

You might already be aware of small things that make a difference in life. Being a responsible citizen and a sincere and compassionate person helps you achieve your goals more effectively. It is also important to recognize the worth and values of those around you who can help you realize your dreams. Individuals have specific creative skills that can be put to use in order to complement your own talents and polish your capabilities. If you have already identified your skills and capabilities, do you think people around you recognize those skills? And do they appreciate your efforts?

What do you value?

For some people, what they do for a living is the most important aspect of discovering their inner self and their purpose in life. Although it’s a simple question, it has many implications. You may not be passionate about what you do or you may wish to change your field of work. If this is the case, it may obscure your true purpose in life because you are seeing the world from behind a veil of your burdens. It is important to see the world with the naked eye without any sort of obstruction or barrier. If your responsibilities, relationships, career stress, and family background come in your way, you will not be able to discover the true purpose of your life.

Many of us value the people in our lives. We depend on them and consider their love to be the most important thing in life. Their trust is the only thing that keeps them going and so all their decisions revolve around their relationships. They base their actions on what others think of them and their circumstances. They also have a mental list of the cherished people in their life; they are happy if those people are happy and they are sad if those people are not happy.

Are you really happy?

A very useful question that will help you discover your purpose is, are you really happy with your life? Is there anything that you want to change about yourself? Are you satisfied with the objectives you have been able to achieve so far? If your answer is no, you may want to change the way you perceive your life.

If you are not happy with yourself or your circumstances, you wouldn’t be able to achieve your life’s goals. In fact, it would be really hard to even set those goals or think of an action plan to accomplish what you have in mind. Try to make yourself comfortable with what you have and the people around you. Remember man is a social animal and it is impossible for him to live in isolation. It is therefore important to mingle with those who are related to you and the ones you meet at work.

Another practical way of finding your purpose is to think of a movie or book that you have seen or read several times. It touches you, motivates you, makes you happy, or inspires you to achieve a goal. Relate the story of this movie or book to your real life and see where you need improvements. Every one of us has a story to narrate and this story becomes the basis of our purpose in life. There is a past to learn from, a present to enjoy and live for, and a future to look upon to. Here I would like to quote a saying I often think of whenever I’m feeling sad.

“If all else is lost, future still remains.” -Unknown

Even if you are not satisfied with your past or there is something about it that upsets you, you must remember that every day is a new day and it awaits you to start a new beginning, a new story to unfold. You must feel motivated to think of a purpose. If you are sad, downhearted, or dispirited, you will not be able to discover your true self. You may want to bring a positive change to this world or you may wish to become a source of inspiration for someone else.

You may want to form a strong relationship with the God or you may wish to become a helping hand for people in need. Whatever your purpose of life is, it is important to discover it early in your life so that you can base your decisions and actions on it and be successful.

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