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What students really need to hear

We all associate school with learning academic subjects such as math and reading. All of us expect to go and become educated on these subjects if we are attending class. However, what many people fail to recognize is that school is about much more than academics. It teaches many subjects that are not formally taught in school. Some of these other subjects include:

(1) dealing with difficult people,

(2) learning how to circumvent gossip,

(3) concentrating with many distractions, and

(4) taking notes and paying attention for at least 6 hours each day.

The last one seems daunting for many of us that have been out of school for a long time!

School teaches social skills, how to deal with adversity, and how to build resilience. In order to have a successful day at school, every student must prepare:

(1) homework,

(2) properly groom,

(3) arrive on-time,

(4) remember the correct books for each class,

(5) deal with difficult people and gossip,

(6) concentrate with many distractions,

(7) take notes and pay attention for at least 6 hours each day, and

(8) organize homework for the next day.

The resilience that is learned from dealing with these issues and activities prepares the student for the rest of their life. For many students, school seems like the most difficult time in life, but there will be times with much greater difficulties.

Another important lesson that is learned from school is to learn to resist the temptation to do "other things". This can range from doing your homework every day to trying not to miss school. You often have to sacrifice to accomplish things for yourself and others for a greater good. Every time that a student thinks about quitting something, the student is taking the easy way out, and is building a habit of quitting. For example, I remember sometimes having 4 -5 hours of homework per night. The easy way out would have been not to do it, however, you do it to keep up your grades and continue to educate yourself. Doing this would have been easier that day, but the repercussions would include poor grades, possible calls to parents, and the embarrassment of not knowing “the answers”.


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