Are you struggling to finish your dissertation?

Completing your dissertation is not an easy task – believe me, I know!


It is very common for graduate students to complete their classes, and then struggle to finish their dissertation. There are many reasons for this, such as full-time work, family or illness.

The dissertation is the first time during your school-based career where there is a complete lack of structure. Your schooling until that point consisted of taking the appropriate classes and completing the curriculum that each professor required. To complete all the tasks, a student just needs to be well-organized, diligent, and have the ability to follow instructions.


However, when it comes to your dissertation – the process is completely different. You have to figure out your research topic, proposal, curriculum, research hours, committee meetings, scientific paper submission, defense, and dissertation formatting. The uncertainty and second-guessing usually causes a lot of stress during the dissertation process.


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